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Testing Instrumentation and Analysis

EngTest has operated for over 20 years to provide industry access to the facilities and expertise in the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences to undertake laboratory and field testing. We can test to nominated national standards, or design a bespoke solution specific to your needs. A few of our capabilities are listed below.

Access to the world-class facilities at the University of Adelaide with technical input and oversight by academic staff ensures high quality, reliable results in which our clients can have confidence. EngTest jobs are run by dedicated EngTest engineers with industry experience and an understanding of the need to meet tight timelines and budget constraints of our industry partners.

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Capability Statements

  • Materials and components
    • Roof sheeting and structural panel testing
    • Compression, shear, flexural and tension testing
    • Concrete testing to AS 1012
    • Masonry testing to AS 4456
    • Strong floor and rams for full-scale prototype testing
    • Dynamic, cyclic, creep, vibration, fatigue and shock testing
    • Integrity and durability of machine components
    • Full-field strain measurement by digital image correlation
    • Microscopy and metallurgy

    Load Testing

    EngTest have access to Grade-A NATA-calibrated load testing machines with loads ranges of 1 kN up to 5,000 kN.

  • Structures
    • Structural testing to AS 1170
    • Load testing and monitoring for buildings, bridges and retaining structures
    • Full scale airbag and hydraulic field testing
    • Strong floor, reaction blocks and Instron servo-controlled actuators for full-scale prototype testing

    Bolt tightening procedure and slip testing

    Custom rigs were developed to undertake the testing which ensured the tightening procedure achieved the required preload and the surface preparation provided the necessary co-efficient of friction.


    DPTI T2T trial pile wall

    DPTI recently conducted a full-scale trial pile wall to investigate whether more economical designs could safely be adopted in Adelaide clays.


  • Shake table and earthquake testing
    • Uniaxial shake table testing of equipment of up to 2 tonnes with dimensions up to 2m cubed
    • 6 DoF “hexapod” for kinematic and multi-directional load testing
    • Testing to AC 156 and AS

    Shake table testing of life critical infrastructure

    Using the uniaxial shake tables in EngTest can provide project specific testing or testing to nominated standards including AC 156.

  • Instrumentation and monitoring
    • Structural instrumentation, monitoring and data analysis
    • Electrical continuity testing
    • Train ride-quality indexing for locomotives and wagons to AS 7509
    • Design of control and data acquisition systems

    Train Testing

    Testing involves fixing tri-axial accelerometer clusters to the rolling-stock at defined positions and recording accelerations using a portable data-acquisition system.


    Circuit board strain gauging

    EngTest assisted an automotive manufacturing company with strain-gauging of printed circuit boards.

  • Geotechnical and mining
    • Triaxial, Shear Box, Oedometer and Soil Suction SWCC
    • Geotechnical testing to AS 1289
    • Field testing including seismic DMT and SASW
    • Inclinometer measurement of pile deflections
    • Rock in-situ stress measurement by acoustic emissions and deformation rate analysis
    • Forensic investigation of structures subject to foundation movements

    Soil shear strength testing

    This test is performed to determine the consolidated-drained shear strength of a sandy to silty soil and can also be used on clays.

  • Wind tunnels
      • Adelaide wind tunnel is only industrial-scale wind tunnel in SA more information can be found here.
      • Anechoic wind tunnel provides a low turbulence intensity flow into our anechoic chamber.
      • KC wind tunnel provides a low speed open return tunnel with a modular design and multiple contraction and test sections.

    More information can be found here.

  • Acoustics and vibration
    • Sound insulation testing to AS 1191
    • Sound absorption to AS ISO 354
    • Noise monitoring and control
    • Flow resistance testing of porous media
  • Water Group
    • Pipe condition assessment by water hammer analysis
    • Capture efficiency analysis and reporting for storm water filtration devices.
    • Flume and weir testing
  • Bespoke testing
    • Design of test procedures and test equipment to meet our clients requirements
    • In-house fabrication and instrumentation workshops
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