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For general enquiries, please contact the Faculty Office.

Faculty Office
Telephone: +61 8 8313 4148
Open hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am-4:00pm. Closed weekends and public holidays.
Location: Level 1, Ingkarni Wardli, The University of Adelaide

Faculty Staff

Executive | Finance | Student Services | Marketing and Outreach | Research Development | Human Resources | Infrastructure and Technical Services | University Engagement

Executive Dean Professor Anton Middelberg
Faculty Executive Manager Mr Martin McCarron
Education Excellence
Deputy Dean (Students) Professor Katrina Falkner
Associate Dean (Future Students) Dr Kathryn Amos
Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) Dr Braden Phillips
Associate Dean (Curriculum & Accreditation) Mrs Bernie Foley
Director (Learning Quality) Professor Finnur Larusson
Director (Curriculum Implementation) Dr Will Robertson
Partnerships & Engagement
Executive Director Mr Ian Harris
Associate Dean (International) Associate Professor Murat Karakus
Director Strategic Partnerships (China) Professor Zonghan Xie
Director Strategic Partnerships (India) Dr Cris Birzer
Director Strategic Partnerships (Vietnam) Associate Professor Yung Ngothai
Dupty Dean Professor Volker Hessel
Associate Dean (HDR) Associate Professor Murat Karakus
Associate Dean (Research) Associate Professor Seth Westra
Performance & Infrastructure
Dupty Dean Professor Peter Ashman
Associate Dean (Diversity & Inclusion) Dr Claudia Szabo


Finance & Planning Manager Mr Tom Roder
Senior Management & Research Accountant Ms Pamela Curley
Management and Research Accountant Mrs Pru Carter
Management & Research Accountant Ms Xuan Khuc
Management & Research Accountant Mr Daniel Cahill
Business Analyst Mr Greg Gorczynski
Faculty Project Manager Mr Michael Atkin


Student Services
Student and Learning Services Manager Mr Lachlan Coleman
Student Experience Team Leader Mr Dave Thomson
Senior Student Advisor Mrs Sandra Millburn
Senior Student Advisor Mrs Jess Robins
Senior Student Advisor Miss Liz Trout
Student Advisor Mrs Rabekha Jamieson
Student Advisor Mrs Bethanie Coggins
Student Advisor Mrs Deb Koch
Academic Program Support Team Leader Mrs Susie Smith
Academic Program Support Officer Mr Jake Kroker
Curriculum Project Officer Mrs Jaimee Hamilton
Marketing, Engagement and Recruitment
Marketing, Engagement and Recruitment Manager Ms Louise O'Reilly
Student Recruitment Coordinator Ms Justine Robins
Student Recruitment Officer Ms Ashleigh Geiger
Marketing & Communications Coordinator Ms Alice Thorpe
Digital Communications Officer Ms Bridgett Lack
Content Creative Officer Mr Harry Fisher
Outreach & Events Senior Officer Ms Wee-Ching Kong
Outreach & Events Officer Mrs Sarah Kennett
External Relationships Coordinator Ms Gill Stuart
Alumni Relations Officer Mr Chung Ung


Research Development
Research & Development Manager Dr Lisa Mensforth
Strategic & Partnerships Manager Dr Steve Kern
Research Education Development Coordinator Mrs Lisa Staines
Senior Research Development Officer Mrs Paula Rosenbauer
Research Development Officer Mrs Felicity Donald
Research Development Officer Ms Julie Mayo
Strategic Partnerships Coordinator Mr Miles Davies


Human Resources
Human Resources Manager Mr Simon Clifton
Senior Human Resources Coordinator Ms Rebecca Aitken
Senior Organisational Development Advisor Mrs Helene Bentley
Human Resources Coordinator Ms Rachael Cossons
Human Resources Coordinator Ms Melissa Brook
Human Resources Coordinator Mrs Penny Tiller


Infrastructure and Technical Services
Infrastructure & Technical Services Manager Mr Jacob Kuzyakov
Health & Safety Coordinator Mr Greg Pullman
Specialist IT Manager Mr David Bowler


Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Ask ECMS Level 1, Ingkarni Wardli



T: +61 8 8313 4148
F: +61 8 8313 6492

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