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As a Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences alumnus, you are part of a rich tradition of education excellence and a member of a distinct University of Adelaide alumni community. Many alumni go on to make a significant impact on state, national and global stages through their research, professional and community work.

Embracing your alma mater presents a wealth of opportunities. For alumni this includes: the opportunity to reconnect with fellow graduates and staff, recognition and utilisation of their professional skills, as well as career development through postgraduate studies.

For the University, engaging with alumni - which is inclusive of industry, government and the wider community - will ensure the quality and relevance of curriculum and research continues, at the same time providing support to and enriching the student experience.

  • Who Are Our Alumni?

    Our alumni are inclusive of each of the following categories:

    • All graduates of the University
    • All former students of the University who have completed at least one course at the University, or, in the case of study abroad, students who have completed at least one semester of study
    • All former academic or professional staff members of the University who completed at least three years’ service at the University

    University External Relations also partners with government, business, industry, community and volunteers. Visit the website for more information on how to get involved.

  • Where Are You Now?

    If you are a former student or graduate of the Faculty of ECMS and currently working in industry, we want to hear from you! The stories of our graduates inspire future students and help them to understand where our degrees can lead them. For more information, please contact the University External Relations.

  • Stay Connected

    There are many other ways to stay connected to the University of Adelaide community.

    • With more than 125,000 alumni worldwide, join the alumni community and stay in touch by updating your details.
    • Come along to one of the many events held at the University throughout the year - there's something for everyone.
    • Groups of like-minded alumni gather all over the world in alumni networks - join an existing network or start your own.
    • To continue to build on our excellence, we need to invest in vitally important resources. Opportunities exist for you or your organisation to gift financial support to the University as a donation, bequest, scholarship or award.
    • Have you considered volunteering at the University of Adelaide? There are opportunities to suit every interest and time commitment.
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