Australian Housing Conditions Data

With a pressing need for a reliable data infrastructure to monitor and understand Australian housing conditions, two projects respond by providing robust data for researchers and policy-makers.

Current project and research

The Australian Rental Housing Conditions Dataset

Apartment architecture

Rental is Australia’s emerging tenure. Each year the proportion of Australians who rent increases, many of us will rent for life, and for the first time in generations there are now more renters than home owners.

Though the rental sector is home to almost one-third of all Australians, researchers and policy-makers know little about conditions in this growing market because there is currently no systematic or reliable data. This project will provide researchers and policy stakeholders with an essential database on Australia’s rental housing conditions.

This data infrastructure will provide the knowledge base for national and international research and allow better urban, economic and social policy development. Building on The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset, in 2020 we will collect data on the housing conditions of 15,000 rental households, covering all Australian states and territories.

The project is funded by the Australian Research Council and The University of Adelaide, in partnership with the University of South Australia, the University of Melbourne, Swinburne University of Technology, Curtin University and Western Sydney University and is led by Professor Emma Baker at the University of Adelaide.

Share your rental housing conditions

What's the condition of your rental housing?

Participate in our citizen science project by sending us an anonymous picture of your rented home and we will put together a photo gallery showcasing rental housing conditions across Australia.


Past projects and research

  • The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset (2016)

    We don't know enough about the condition of Australia’s housing. In the nearly two decades since the last Australian Housing Survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics there have been significant changes in the housing system. The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset (AHCD) responds to a pressing need for a reliable and up-to-date housing conditions data infrastructure. The AHCD and research protocols are accessible through the Australian Data Archive.

    The AHCD provides:

    • An infrastructure of tools, data, and protocols for Australian researchers and policymakers;
    • A foundation for evidence-informed research on Australia's housing conditions; and
    • Essential evidence required to address the real and chronic housing needs of vulnerable Australians, and maximise social and economic participation in society.

    The project was funded by the Australian Research Council (LE160100056) and The University of Adelaide, in partnership with The University of South Australia, The University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Swinburne University of Technology and The University of New South Wales, and led by Professor Emma Baker at The University of Adelaide.

    For details of survey methodology, questionnaire design, response rates and frequencies, please view The Australian Housing Conditions Data Infrastructure: Technical Report.