Technological explorations and environmental assessments of a multi-storey building design

Georgie Warren - Multi-storey building design

by Georgie Warren, Advanced Architecture Technologies

Assignment 2: Technical exploration  Assignment 3 

One aspect for a building to be considered ‘green’ is its ‘environmental performance’, i.e. providing comfort to the occupants with minimal amount of energy use for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.

Assignment 2 was to explore environmentally-responsible principles, approaches and technologies and apply relevant Australian Code and Standards to improve the environmental performance of a multi-storey building design, which was the main task for the course Studio Architecture.

In Assignment 3, using building performance simulation these design approaches/strategies/technologies were tested to demonstrate that the design would “work”. In particular, it was expected that the building would maintain a reasonably comfortable condition without the use of air-conditioning or artificial lighting during periods when there might be power outage.

Other environmental strategies for water and waste managements should also be considered.

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