Housing and Healthy Cities

Healthy cities are places that promote a high quality of life for the people that live in them. There are many ways to promote healthy cities, across the provision of affordable and good quality housing, accessible transport, a good planning system, addressing inequality, or improving amenity.

Healthy Cities

The Healthy Cities Research Group is a trans-disciplinary group of researchers who bring the methods and approaches of architecture, building science, social epidemiology, planning, econometrics, geography and spatial science to address urban problems by collaboration with professional practitioners and policymakers. Much of our work aims to engage with current policy debate and contribute evidence which may be implemented by governments at local, state and national levels.

Our shared goal is to overcome the disconnection between the results of empirical research, normative public health policy, and professional urban planning. If this can be achieved then more effective interventions across multiple levels of the built environment (from housing units to blocks, streets, and neighbourhoods) can be formulated, implemented and monitored systematically.

Our research

The Healthy Cities Research Group undertakes research that has the built environment as the context and location for the collection of data and diverse kinds of information about:

  • Planning and urban change.
  • Housing affordability.
  • Spatial analysis of buildings and neighbourhoods; and
  • Policy impact on housing, health, transport and other sectors.

What's the condition of your rental housing?

Participate in our citizen science project by sending us an anonymous picture of your rented home and we will put together a photo gallery showcasing rental housing conditions across Australia.

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