The Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources (ATCSR) brings together the University of Adelaide’s collective exploration, mining, manufacturing and engineering research strengths to address the challenges faced by long term planetary exploration, while ensuring the near-term application here on Earth.

Achieving this goal requires a fundamental rethinking of the technologies, processes and infrastructure required to ensure continued and sustainable access to the energy, fuels and resources necessary for off-world operations and to ensure a safe environment for mission crews.

The ATCSR looks to better understand the challenges surrounding long term space exploration such as:

  • What resources exist on planets and near-earth objects and how do we identify, assess and model them?
  • How do we extract these resources and process them in a responsible, efficient and sustainable way?
  • What technologies and processes do we need to successfully manufacture new materials for off- planet construction?
  • How do these resources become new essential products for life to prosper on new worlds?
  • How do we generate and store energy and fuels, grow food, maintain equipment and ensure safe and reliable operations on other worlds?
  • What are the legal frameworks required to underpin commercially viable exploration and operations?

Addressing these challenges also provides opportunities for developing new technologies that can underpin long term, sustainable, resource exploration and processing in remote locations here on Earth.

Australian Rover Challenge

The Australian-first challenge to design and build a Rover to compete in a full-scale simulated lunar mission came to the University of Adelaide campus.


Australian Society for Off-Earth Construction

The Australian Society for Off-Earth Construction (ASOC) is dedicated to facilitating the development and translation of Australia's expertise in construction in off-earth environments.

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