Information for participating students and teams

John Culton, Director of the Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources, welcomes all students and teams who are participating in the Australian Rover Challenge being held in March 2021.

John Culton III

A/Prof John Culton
Director, Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources

Welcome! On behalf of the Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources, I am pleased to welcome you to the inaugural “Australian Rover Challenge”.

While the ultimate focus of our Centre is to support long-term human presence beyond low-earth orbit, we know that our astronauts will necessarily be preceded, and then accompanied by, significant numbers and varied types of remotely operated or semi-autonomous robots.

Thus, initiatives to further develop an Australian competency in this sector align perfectly with our Centre’s mission.

We are endeavouring to deliver a highly rewarding and globally unique challenge series. Importantly, the skillsets developed in support of this Challenge are becoming increasingly relevant as efforts to develop infrastructure required to support long-duration human operations in deep space steadily gain support from programs such as NASA’s Artemis.

So, again, welcome to Adelaide and the Australian Rover Challenge. We are looking forward to seeing what you and your rovers can accomplish.

  • Rules and requirements

  • Australian Rover Challenge 2021 schedule

    Dates for the 2021 ARC Challenge:

    • 4 December 2020: Team registration closes 
    • 18 December 2020: System Acceptance Review (SAR) guidelines released
    • 8 January 2021: Preliminary Design Review (PDR) due for new teams (registered in November/December)
    • 19 February 2021: SAR due for all teams
    • 6 March 2021: Design presentation guidelines released
    • 26-28 March 2021: Australian Rover Challenges competition dates

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