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About the School

  • Welcome from the Head of School

    Dr Phillip Visintin 
    Acting Head of School

    The School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering encompasses the most ancient and fundamental fields of engineering, and includes disciplines linked to the knowledge of structures and materials, to mechanics, the environment, hydrology, geography, geology and soils.

    The first documented civil engineer, Imhotep, for example, built the famous stepped pyramid at Saqqara around 2550 BC. Several thousand years later, Roman engineers invented concrete and engineered the first domes. In 1450AD, ingenious Incan water resources engineers designed and built the water system in Machu Picchu. In the 20th century, the Dutch completed 16,000 kilometres of dykes and gates to prepare for changes initiated by climate change.

    These sorts of inspirational developments are the legacy on which our School is built and continues to thrive. Our graduates leave us able to work in materials engineering, as well as coastal, construction, structural, geotechnical, water resources, earthquake and blast engineering. We are, in fact, at the forefront of numerous technologies essential for daily life, from the provision of clean water to sustainable urban development.

    It is a great pleasure for me to be the Head of a School which has its foundations in a long and illustrious history. The 21st century is going to be a time of great challenge. Professional engineers will be at the forefront of meeting that challenge.

  • A Brief History of Engineering Education at the University


    Robert W Chapman

    Engineering education at the University of Adelaide began over 130 years ago, and grew particularly strong under the leadership of Professor Robert Chapman (later Sir Robert) who undertook to ensure that engineering should be accorded professional status.

    With his encouragement, joint courses were developed by the University of Adelaide and the School of Mines and Industries, with Mining Engineering beginning in 1903. By 1907, he had also introduced Civil Engineering as a separate field of study. Although this award in Mining was discontinued in 1963, it was reintroduced in 2007 in response to increasing demand and specialisation in the discipline.

    The Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees were established in 1913.

  • Mission Statement

    The School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering supports the missions of the University of Adelaide and the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences in achieving wide international recognition, by:

    • conducting research of international standard
    • maintaining our position as one of the leading educators in civil and environmental engineering in Australia
    • producing graduates who will take their place as leaders in the profession and the community
    • providing opportunities for high quality postgraduate education consistent with internationally recognised research
    • providing excellence in teaching which is accessible to other disciplines and teaching institutions
    • providing the community with specialised expertise and experience through consulting and testing services
    • providing a safe and rewarding work environment for its staff.
School of Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering
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