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Undergraduate Study

An undergraduate degree from the School of CEME will prepare you for a role in a challenging and fulfilling profession.

Our undergraduate degrees are accredited by Engineers Australia and will equip you with knowledge and skills that are much in demand.

The School offers degrees across a range of disciplines, with single, double and combined degree options available.

  • Civil and Structural Engineering

    Civil and structural engineers specialise in the design and analysis of structures and the structural elements and materials of which structures are constructed. The particular focus is on the elements that shape the structure, hold it together and ensure its safety.  Brochure

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Our civil and environmental engineering graduates leave the University ready to work in multidisciplinary teams to deal with the world's 'big' problems. Civil and environmental engineers are characteristically curious, active problem solvers who are interested in finding ways to manage the sensitive issues that arise when man-made constructions come into conflict with natural systems. Brochure

  • Architectural Engineering

    Architectural engineers design the engineering systems associated with buildings. This includes contributions to all aspects of the construction and fabric of the building, from the preparation of the site to the sustainable use of the building materials. Architectural engineers with a background in civil and structural engineering offer expertise in the strength and resilience of materials, as well as seismic design, blast resistance and building life cycle maintenance.

  • Mining Engineering

    Our lives and the way we live depend on rocks and the mining of rocks, and always have. Along with agriculture, mining is the very foundation of our civilisation. Mining engineering is a career that gives you the opportunity to contribute to human society and human wellbeing, and to technological advances in dozens of industries dependent on the products derived from mining. Brochure

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