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Research Reports

R Series

Many of the recent reports (since 2000), and some earlier ones, are available as Adobe Acrobat pdf files. To view them you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader. Other reports are available in hard copy by request.

No. Author(s) Report Title Date
R196 Setiawan, B., Jaksa, M.B., Griffith, M.C., Love, D. Analysis of microtremor array measurement using the spatial autocorrelation (SPAC) method across the Adelaide City Nov-16
R184 Zhang, T A Mechanics Based Approach for Shear Strength of RC Beams without Web Reinforcement Jun-13
R183 Zhang, T, Visintin, P, Oehlers, DJ & Griffith, MC Pre-sliding Shear Failure in Pre-stressed RC Beams:  Behaviour Apr-13
R182 Zhang, T, Visintin, P, Oehlers, DJ & Griffith, MC Pre-sliding Shear Failure in Pre-stressed RC Beams:  Partial-interaction Mechanism Apr-13
R181 Chen, Y Mechanism-oriented Stress-strain Model for Unconfined Conrete Jan-13
R180 Zhang, T, Oehlers, DJ, Griffith, MC & Haskett, M A Mechanics-based Numerical Model for Quantifying the Shear Capacity of Prestressed Concrete Beams Oct-12
R179 Warner, RF Step-by-step Analysis of Creep and Shrinkage Effect in Prestressed Concrete July-12
R178 Willis, CR, Griffith, MC & Lawrence, SJ Earthquake Performance of Unreinforced Masonry Residential Buildings up to 15m in Height Mar-07
R177 Oehlers, DJ, Liu, IST, & Seracino, R The Gradual Formation of Hinges Throughout Reinforced Concrete Beams Jan-05
R176 Jaksa, M Use of Demonstration Models in Undergraduate Geotechnical Engineering Education Sept-05
R175 Daniell, K, Kingsborough, AB, Malovka, DJ, Sommerville, HC, Foley, BA, & Maier, HR A Review of Sustainability Assessment for Housing Developments May - 04
R174 Shahin, MA & Jaksa, MB Modelling the Pullout Capacity of Marquee Ground Anchors July - 03
R173 Wu, YF, Griffith, MC & Oehlers, DJ Behavior of Plated RC Columns Oct-01

Wu, YF, Oehlers, DJ & Griffith, MC

Numerical Simulation of Composite Plated Columns Aug-01

Shahin, MA, Maier, HR & Jaksa, MB

Evolutionary data division methods for developing artificial neural network models in geotechnical engineering Nov-00

Park, SM & Oehlers, DJ

Details of Tests on Steel and FRP Plated Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams Aug-00

Griffith, MC

Experimental Study of the Flexural Strength of URM (Brick) Walls Aug-00

Bowden, GJ

A Review of Cyanobacteria Mar-00

Shahin, MA, Jaksa, MB & Maier, HR

Predicting the Settlement of Shallow Foundations on Cohesionless Soils Using Back-Propagation Neural Networks Feb-00

Jaksa, MB, Kaggwa, WS & Brooker, PI

An Improved Technique for Evaluating the CPT Friction Ratio Jan-00

Seracino, R, Oehlers, DJ & Yeo, MF

Reverse-Cycle Fatigue Tests on Stud Shear Connectors Aug-99

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Non-linear Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns and Frames Nov-98

Kawano, A, Griffith, MC, Joshi, HR & Warner, RF

Analysis of the Behaviour and Collapse of Concrete Frames Subjected to Severe Ground Motion Nov-98

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Collapse Load Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Structures Jul-98

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Non-linear Design of Continuous Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members May-98

Dandy, GC, Loukas, B & Davies, CM

Modelling Residential Water Demand in Adelaide Using Artificial Neural Networks Mar-98
R159 Seracino, R, Oehlers, DJ & Yeo, MF The effect of linear-elastic partial-interaction on the shear flow and flexural stresses in simply supported composite bridge beams Jan-98

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Non-linear Analysis of Concrete Frames using a Direct Stiffness Line Element Approach Nov-97
R157 Vitkovsky, JP & Simpson, AR Calibration and leak detection in pipe networks using inverse transient analysis and genetic algorithms Aug-97
R156 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Composite side plated beams with transverse and longitudinal partial interaction Aug-97
R155 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, D J Mathematical models for flexural peeling of angle plates glued to RC-beams Aug-97
R154 Seracino, R, Oehlers, DJ & Yeo, MF The influence of friction on the fatigue life of stud shear connectors in composite bridge beams Jul-97
R153 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Partial interaction in composite steel & concrete beams with mechanical shear connectors Jun-97
R152 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Interaction curves for flexural and shear peeling of side-plated glued beams Apr-97
R151 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Experimental investigation of pure flexural and pure shear peeling of angle glued to the sides and tension faces of RC-beams Apr-97
R150 Kawano, A & Warner, RF Non-uniform shrinkage and creep in slender concrete frames and columns Apr-97
R149 Bergant, A & Simpson, AR Development of a generalised set of pipeline water hammer and column separation equations Mar-97
R148 Trezona, JR & Warner, RF Simplified design methods for slender concrete-filled circular steel tubular columns Jan-97
R147 Trezona, JR & Warner, RF Strength of concrete-filled circular steel tubular columns Jan-97

Wong, KW & Warner, RF

Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Frames under Non-proportional Loadings Feb-97
R145 Ali, MSM & Oehlers, DJ Reinforced concrete beams with steel plates glued to their tension faces: improving shear peeling strength by steel plates bonded to their sides Apr-97
R144 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Simply supported bolted side-plated beams with transverse and longitudinal partial interaction Feb-97
R143 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ A mathematical model for flexural peeling of side-plated glued beams Feb-97
R142 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Experimental investigation of side-plated beams subjected to both flexural peeling and shear peeling Apr-97
R141 Nguyen, NT & Oehlers, DJ Experimental investigation of flexural peeling of glued side-plated beams Feb-97
R140 Wu, ZY & Simpson, AR Messy genetic algorithms for optimisation of water distribution systems Nov-96
R139 Lofgren, AI, Kawano, A & Warner, RF Simplified design methods for slender concrete-filled tubular steel columns Sep-96
R138 Ellis, DJ & Simpson, AR Convergence of iterative solvers for the simulation of a water distribution pipe network Aug-96
R137 Oehlers, DJ Allowance for friction on the fatigue endurance of shear connectors in composite steel and concrete beams Jul-96
R136 Anderson, A & Simpson, AR Genetic algorithm optimisation software in fortran Mar-96
R135 Walker, DJ Basin geometry and its effect on flow patterns in constructed wetlands Mar-96
R134 Hassanli, AM & Dandy, GC Application of genetic algorithms to the optimum design and layout of drip irrigation systems Feb-96
R133 Oehlers, DJ Anchorage zone design of post-tensioned members based on longitudinal splitting Nov-95
R132 Maier, HR & Dandy, GC Effect of internal parameters and geometry on the performance of back-propagation networks Oct-95
R131 Maier, HR A review of artificial neural networks Aug-95
R130 Hassanli, AM & Dandy, GC An optimisation model for design of multiple sub-unit pressure irrigation systems Jul-95
R129 Maier, HR & Dandy, GC Application of multivariate time series modelling to the prediction of salinity Jun-95
R128 Bergant, A & Simpson, AR Water hammer and column separation measurements in an experimental apparatus Jun-95
R127 Maier, HR & Dandy, GC Comparison of the Box-Jenkins procedure with artificial neural network methods for univariate time series modelling Jun-95
R126 Davies, CM & Dandy, GC Modelling residential water demand in Adelaide using regression analysis May-95
R125 Kawano, A & Warner, RF Nonlinear analysis of the time-dependent behaviour of reinforced concrete frames Jan-95
R124 Kawano, A & Warner, RF Model of stress-induced shrinkage for the analysis of concrete structures Jan-95
R123 Hassanli, AM & Dandy, GC Optimal layout model for pressure irrigation systems using genetic algorithms Dec-94
R122 Jaksa, MB, Brooker, PI & Kaggwa, WS Inaccuracies Associated with the Current Method for Estimating Random Measurement Errors Dec-94
R121 Maier, HR & Dandy, GC Use of neural networks for determining the inputs for multivariate time series models Nov-94
R120 Aesche, BG & Simpson, AR Optimisation of pipe networks using an evolution strategy Nov-94
R119 Fleming, NS An investigation into rainfall-runoff relationships Sep-94
R118 Morgan, PJ & Kaggwa, WS Review of the behaviour and constitutive modelling of expansive clay soils Sep-94
R117 Jaksa, MB, Brooker, PI, Kaggwa, WS, van Holst Pellekaan, PDA & Cathro, JL Modelling the Lateral Spatial Variation of the Undrained Shear Strength of a Stiff, Overconsolidated Clay Using an Horizontal Cone Penetration Test Sep-94
R116 Jaksa, MB & Kaggwa, WS A Micro-Computer Based Data Acquisition System for the Cone Penetration Test May-94
R115 Fleming, NS Forescasting water consumption in the northern Adelaide plains, SA, using artificial neural networks, regression and time series methods Mar-94
R114 Oehlers, DJ, Ghosh, A & Wahab, MA Fatigue design and analysis of structural components based on residual strength Mar-94
R113 Kawano, A & Warner, RF Effect of model formulation on numerical errors in step-by-step creep calculations for concrete Mar-94
R112 Sved, G The effect of yielding in the outer fibres of a beam on the shearing stresses at the neutral axis Mar-94
R111 Fleming, NS & Daniell, TM Sustainable water resources management: an Australian perspective Jan-94
R110 Hassanli, AM & Dandy, GC Optimum design of drip/trickle irrigation systems on flat terrain Dec-93
R109 Murphy, LJ, Simpson, AR & Dandy, GC Pipe network optimisation using an improved genetic algorithm Dec-93
R108 Ghosh, A, Oehlers, DJ & Wahab, MA A new fatigue design and analysis approach based on residual strength Oct-93
R107 Oehlers, DJ & Sved, G Fracture of stud shear connectors in composite steel and concrete beams Sep-93
R106 Oehlers, DJ Detailing rules for the side cover to stud shear connectors to prevent splitting Aug-93
R105 Oehlers, DJ A new fatigue methodology for the design and assessment of stud shear connectors in composite bridge beams Apr-93
R104 Oehlers, DJ Strengthening existing reinforced concrete slabs by bonding steel plates to their tension face Mar-93
R103 Oehlers, DJ Stiffening existing reinforced concrete slabs by bonding steel plates to their tension face Mar-93
R102 Griffith, MC Seismic performance of Australian designed reinforced concrete framed buildings Feb-93
R101 Maier, H & Dandy, GC Application of artificial neural networks to the prediction of salinity Feb-93
R100 Mitani, I & Warner, RF Design of slender concrete-filled steel tube columns Feb-93
R99 Bergant, A & Simpson, AR Range of validity of the discrete vapour cavity model for pipeline water hammer Mar-94
R98 Oehlers, DJ Stud shear connectors in composite beams with sloping haunches Oct-92

Kenyon, JM & Warner, RF

Refined analysis of non-linear behaviour of concrete structures Aug-92

Connarty, MC & Dandy, GC

A Methodology for Optimum Sequencing of Water Supply Projects - Volume 1 of 2 Oct-92

Dandy, GC & Crawley, PD

Application of Linear Programming to Planning and Operation of Reservoir Systems with Water Quality Considerations Apr-92
R94 Connarty, MC & Dandy, GC Optimum pricing and capacity expansion studies for water supply systems July-92

Murphy, LJ & Simpson, AR

Genetic Algorithms in Pipe Network Optimisation Jun-92

Zhu, X & Simpson, AR

An Expert System for Turbidity Control Advice in Water Treatment Plant Operations May-92
R91 McPheat, J, Simpson, AR & Gibbard, M Integrated dynamic modelling of hydro-electric power plants - development of a water hammer computer model Jun-92

Smith, CAS & Warner, RF

Design of Circular Concrete Columns using Spreadsheets Feb-92
R89 Oehlers, DJ Profiled beam construction Jan-92
R88 Oehlers, DJ Experimental tests on plated beams Jan-92
R87 Oehlers, DJ Uni-directional fatigue tests on stud shear connectors Jan-92

Griffith, MC

Performance of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings during the Newcastle Earthquake, Australia Aug-91
R85 Oehlers, DJ Design of shear connectors in composite steel and concrete beams Aug-91
R84 Oehlers, DJ Shear strength of longitudinally cracked composite beams Aug-91
R83 Hua, WG, Griffith, MC & Warner, RF Diagnosis and assessment of defective concrete structures Aug-89
R82 Oehlers, DJ A new approach to the design of stud shear connectors in composite bridge beams Jun-89
R81 Oehlers, DJ The derivation of the fatigue endurance of stud shear connections in composite steel and concrete beams Nov-88
R80 Oehlers, DJ Reinforced concrete beams with steel plates glued to their soffits; prevention of plate separation induced by flexural peeling Aug-88
R79 Kgoboko, K, Wyche, PJ & Warner, RF Collapse behaviour and ductility requirements in partially prestressed concrete bridge girders Apr-88
R78A Wong, KW, Yeo, MF & Warner, RF Collapse behaviour of reinforced concrete frames Aug-87
R78 Dandy, GC A study of the factors which affect residential water consumption in Adelaide - Final report Mar-87
R77 Kay, JN & Rigon, C Instrumentation of a bebo arch constructed at Byron Bay, New South Wales Nov-86
R76 Dandy, GC Factors which affect residential water consumption in Adelaide (Superceded by R78) Nov-86
R75 Varga, J Change of flow pattern in model bin (silo pressure abatement study - sacbh) Oct-86
R74A Kay, JN An efficient soils exploration and testing program Oct-86
R74 Kay, JN Examination of a new proposal for determination of Atterberg limits Aug-86
R73 Crawley, DB Preliminary design for a project: the design brief (for building and other structural projects) Aug-85
R72 Crawley, DB Using a project design to integrate civil engineering studies Aug-85
R71 Crawley, DB Civil engineering design management - Teaching by project Apr-85
R70 Warner, RF Design of concrete structures for fatigue and reliability Apr-85
R69 Warner, RF & Dandy, GC Multistage decision models for the assessment of structural defects May-84
R68 Ferreira, LJA The effects of traffic signal coordination along an arterial in Adelaide Apr-84
R67 Ferreira, LJA Traffic signal coordination - A survey of drivers in Adelaide Apr-84
R66 Ferreira, LJA Modelling urban fuel consumption Feb-84
R65 Hirst, MJS Measuring the temperature of concrete structures Feb-84
R64 Foo, MH & Warner, RF Fatigue tests on partially prestressed concrete beams Jan-84
R63 Behan, JE & Warner, RF Fatigue properties of tempcore reinforcing bars Jan-84
R62 Ahmad, A & Warner, RF Ductility requirements for continuous reinforced concrete structures Jan-84
R61 Warner, RF & Yeo, MF Collapse behaviour of concrete structures with limited ductility Jan-84
R60 Ferreira, LJA Urban transport management (utm) and energy consumption - A review of evidence Nov-83
R59 Avalle, DL, Flint, RCL & Kay, JN Large scale test facility for model conduits and arches buried in soil Oct-83
R58 Kay, JN Kokkinakis, T & Tallidira, MC Compressible conduits under deep fill loads - a model study Oct-83
R57 Dandy, GC An approximate method for the analysis of uncertainty in benefit-cost ratios Oct-83
R56 Kay, JN, Nichols, GW, Mitchell, PW & Avalle, DL Recent developments in screw plate testing in Adelaide Oct-83
R55 Arnold, M The self-boring pressuremeter Sep-83
R54 Mitchell, PW & Arnold, M A simple guide for the design of shallow stiffened footings on expansive soils Sep-83
R53 Moxham, KE & Brooks, DS A dual servo-controlled test rig May-83
R52 Sved, G, Payne, DC & Brooks, DS Finite element - finite difference analysis of cracked brick walls Aug-82
R51 Hirst, MJS A micro-computer interface for acoustic strain gauges Jan-83
R50 Hirst, MJS Bridge temperatures in Australia Aug-82
R49 Hirst, MJS Thermal loading of concrete roofs Aug-82
R48 Hirst, MJS Thermal loading of concrete bridges Aug-82
R47 Arnold, M An empirical evaluation of pressuremeter test data Nov-82
R46 Ewers, JR Some volumetric aspects of energy dissipation Sep-82
R45 Dandy, GC A set of mode and destination choice models for Adelaide Aug-82
R44 Kay, JN & Parry, RHG Screw plate tests in a stiff clay Jan-82
R43 Kay, JN & Flint, RCL A note on heavy vehicle loading of corrugated metal - Soil arch structures Jan-82
R42 Kay, JN & Cavagnaro, RL Settlement of raft foundations Jan-82
R41 Flint, RCL & Kay, JN Response of corrugated metal arches to soil loads Jan-82
R40 Brooks, DS & Payne, DC Strength and stability of brick masonry walls Feb-82
R39 Payne, DC & Brooks, DS The flexural stiffness of brickwork panels subjected to vertical and lateral loads Dec-81
R38 Dandy, GC & Neil, RH Alternate mathematical structures for modelling mode choice Feb-81
R37 Sved, G, Yeo, MF & Brooks, DS Effect of root gap on the fatigue strength of welded joints 1982
R36 Flint, RCL Design chart for large-span corrugated metal arch structures Sep-81
R35 Hirst, MJS Designing slender webs for steel bridge beams Mar-81
R34 Kay, JN & Avalle, DL Application of the screw plate to stiff clays Mar-81
R33 Warner, RF Strengthening stiffening and repair of concrete structures Mar-81
R32 Crawley, DB An evaluation of creep and shrinkage of high strength concrete in South Australia Dec-80
R31 Sved, G, Brooks, DS & Yeo, MF Investigations on cruciform welded joints with root gaps Aug-80
R30 Brooks, DS Strength and stability of brick masonry walls Oct-80
R29 Warner, RF Design criteria for the new structures code Aug-80
R28 Kay, JN A systematic approach to safety margins in pile foundation design Jul-80
R27 Bodley, WE & McIntyre, AK Depth control during demand changes in open channels Aug-80
R26 Hirst, MJS Solar heating of bridges Apr-80
R25 Payne, DC, Sved, G & Brooks, DS Numerical analysis of brick columns subject to axial and lateral loads May-80
R24 Warner, RF Serviceability of cracked partially prestressed concrete members: test and analysis Jan-80
R23 Kay, JN Avalle, DL, Flint, RCL & Fitzhardinge, CFR Instrumentation of a corrugated steel-soil arch overpass at Leigh Creek, South Australia Nov-79
R22 Kay, JN & Mitchell, PW A down hole plate load test for in situ properties of stiff clays Oct-79
R21 Kay, JN & Hain, SJ A design method for buried concrete pipe Oct-79
R20 Brooks, DS, Sved, G & Payne, DC The stiffness of partially cracked brick walls Mar-79
R19 Hutton, SG & Sved, G The determination of critical loads and natural frequencies of non-uniform beams Sep-78
R18 Kay, JN & Flint, RCL Design charts for large span metal arch culverts Aug-78
R17 Kay, JN Incorporation of probability in the design of buried concrete pipe Aug-78
R16 Hirst, MJS & Kay, JN A design method for shear wall and pile interaction Jun-78
R15 Hirst, MJS Application of the finite-stringer theory of the interaction of walls and their supporting structures Jun-78
R14 Hirst, MJS The structural behaviour of composite walls and beams Jun-78
R13 Kay, JN & Qamar, MI Tie-back anchor load-deformation response Jan-78
R12 Bodley, WE & Wylie, EB Control of transients in series channel with gates Dec-77
R11 Wylie, EB & Bodley, WE Control of unsteady free-surface flow with gates Dec-77
R10 Kay, JN Factor of safety for piles in cohesive soils Jul-77
R9 Cheung, YK & Swaddiwudhipong, S Static analysis of frame shear wall structures Jun-77
R8 Moxham, KE & Dwight, JB Stability of structure under static and dynamic loads May-77
R7 Brooks, DS & Hirst, MJS The low cycle fatigue behaviour of joints in reinforced concrete frames Apr-77
R6 Delcourt, C & Cheung, YK Finite strip analysis of continuous folded plates 1977
R5 Kay, JN & Abel, JF A design approach for circular buried conduits Dec-76
R4 Melksham, MH, Yeo, MF & Cheung, YK The initial effects of water jet cleaning on superheater tubes 1976
R3 Kasemset, C, Cheung, YK & Khatua, TP Analysis of multi-layer sandwich shells using curved elements Dec-75
R2 Bodley, WE Energy dissipation in mammalian arteries - An assessment of the distribution of energy dissipation between the blood and the vessel wall Nov-75
R1 Cheung, YK, Yeo, MF & Cumming, DA Three dimensional analysis of flexible pavements with special reference to edge loads Jul-75

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