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The Structures Research Group

Every day, somewhere in the world, major events occur that result in loss of life, significant economic losses, or long-term impact on the environment.

Structural engineering research can help to mitigate the dangers to the community of such events, through improving the resilience of structures to catastrophic failure, while at the same time seeking ways to lower the costs and environmental footprint of building and maintaining major structures.

The Structures Research Group contributes to the needs of the community through research underpinning structural and environmental resilience. Our internationally recognised research is focused on two main aspects of resilience; Extreme Loading Resilience and Enhancing Structural Sustainability.

  • Extreme Loading Resilience

    Our focus in relation to extreme loading resilience (ELR) is on analysing, developing and maintaining structures that are more able to withstand extreme events, such as earthquakes and blasts, in order to protect human life. Specific areas of research we are undertaking include:

    • Dynamic analysis of extreme loading events such as blast, earthquake, tsunami, floods and high wind
    • Advanced numerical modelling of reinforced concrete members under load up to collapse
    • Non-linear analysis of concrete, steel and masonry structures
    • Finite Element Analysis of composite structures
    • Prediction of pressure loads due to blast events
    • Retrofit for enhanced structural resilience to extreme load

    More detailed information is available from the ELR webpage.

    Images of our activities are available in the Photo Galleries.

  • Structural Sustainability

    Our focus in relation to structural sustainability (SS) is on decreasing the impact on the environment and improving the safety of structures during construction and their working lifetime. This is achieved through undertaking research into:

    • retrofit of concrete, masonry and steel structures for extending length of service
    • structural health monitoring using non-destructive techniques
    • sustainable design
    • application of new materials such as advanced composites and geopolymer concrete

    More detailed information is available from the SS webpage.

    Images of our activities are available in the Photo Galleries.

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