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The University of Adelaide is one of the most research-intensive universities in Australia. With an outstanding track record that produces real commercial outcomes, we are committed to investing in research excellence and delivering the highest quality results for our local and global community.

Collaborative research projects between industry and universities offer significant scope for the development of new knowledge and practices, and solutions to technical problems- all of which translate into significant economic and social advantages.

To explore the opportunities for collaboration between your organisation and the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering (CEME) email EngTest

  • Research

    Using the faculties and expertise in the school, CEME can assist your organisation with research into:

      • New technologies
      • Innovative materials
      • Processes and systems
      • Product development

    Depending on the scope of the research you need to undertake, CEME can partner with your organisation in:

        • Final year and masters projects
        • PhD theses including Australian Research Council's Linkage Project Schemes
        • Commercial research
        • Premier's research and industry fund programmes

    Further information about our research focus can be found here.

  • Consulting and Expert Witness

    The cutting-edge knowledge and skills of our research can be applied to your organisation's projects. A few of our areas of expertise are listed below:

    Urban, Environmental and Coastal Water

    The WaterSYSTEMS group offers services in the following areas of water resources, environmental and coastal engineering:

      • Environmental impact assessment
      • Water hammer in pipelines
      • Coastal engineering
      • Modelling of coastal and hydraulic structures
      • Optimisation techniques in water resources planning
      • Optimisation of water related infrastructure
      • Hydrological and water quality effects of land use change
      • Neural networks in water engineering
      • Stochastic modelling of hydrological systems
      • Artificial neural network and neurofuzzy, risk and reliability modelling
      • Biologically inspired global optimisation techniques
      • Numerical modelling of artificial wetlands


    The Structures research group offers forensic services in the detection and analysis of faults in structures, structural remediation and structures design.

      • Fatigue and vibration analysis
      • Investigation and analysis of earthquake resistance of structures
      • Thin walled, cold formed steel elements
      • Structural steel fatigue
      • Design of composite beams for buildings and bridges
      • Remediation and rehabilitation techniques of public infrastructure
      • Design of composite, precast, prestressed concrete structures
      • Serviceability of concrete structures
      • Structural response to blast loads
      • Crashworthiness of the traffic barriers under vehicle impact
      • Rock blasting

    Mining and Geotechical

    The Mining and Geotechnical research group are active in the investigation of issues relating to soils and rocks.

      • Software generation for geomechanics applications
      • Statistical and probabilistic analysis in geotechnical engineering
      • Geotechnical diagnostics, soil testing and numerical modelling
      • Offshore geomechanics
      • Geostatistics and mineral resource/reserve estimation
      • Optimal mine design and mine planning
      • Production optimisation using simulation
      • Mineral processing/biologigal leaching
    n on the research being undertaken in the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering can be found here.
  • Testing and Analysis

    EngTest in the faculty of engineering provide access by industry to the facilities, equipment and expertise in the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering for laboratory testing, field testing and instrumentation. For more information visit the EngTest website or contact EngTest directly

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