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Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

Have you received a letter from the University advising that you have not made satisfactory academic progress?

There are many resources and services throughout the University that can help you find ways in which to manage any difficulties you may be experiencing or assist with problems that are affecting your study.

ECMS Faculty Office

The ECMS Faculty Office is the first point of contact for all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students. Offering program advice on a range of topics including enrolments, program requirements, transfer credit and practical work experience, the office's student advisors can assist you in these areas and provide sound suggestions for improving your academic performance.

Academic Support

  • The Writing Centre provides support for writing assignments, editing, referencing and other communication issues. You can attend workshops or the drop-in service for immediate help. You may also find these learning guides useful.
  • The Maths Learning Service offers maths and statistics support as well as a drop-in service for immediate help.

Counselling and Health

Health and related issues can also affect your ability to study effectively.

  • The Counselling Service offers free and confidential counselling on any issues that may be affecting your study, including stress, family issues, depression and motivation. It also runs workshops on developing good study skills. The counsellors can also assist you in deciding whether the course you're studying is right for you.
  • The Disability Service can help you find ways to manage a disability or medical condition (whether permanent or temporary) while at university, so that you can focus your attention on your studies. For information on how to make to an appointment visit the checklist for organising a Student Access Plan.
  • For general health matters, University Health is an on-campus medical practice available to students and staff. It provides a comprehensive range of services, and most appointments are bulk-billed. Male and female doctors are available for consultations.

Mentoring, Cultural and Support Services

Several mentoring and other support services are available.

  • The Unistep program runs workshops open to students at all year levels.
  • The International Student Centre runs a Learning and Cultural Exchange Program that can give you the opportunity to meet other students in a supportive social environment, as well as ongoing support for international students.
  • Education and Welfare Officers from Student Care can offer representation and advocacy, legal advice and access to financial assistance.

Social Environment

Social interaction and friendships can be just as important as academic support.

  • The Clubs Association supports a range of social, sporting, cultural and issues-based groups, as well as subject-specific clubs, that you might find interesting.
  • The Sports Association offers both competitive and social sporting activities.

For further information, please contact the Faculty Office.

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