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Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

As an undergraduate student, a wide range of Faculty and university resources and support services are available to assist you in your studies and life at the University of Adelaide.

  • ECMS Student Services

    Need help? The Faculty's Student Services team can assist with:

    For assistance, contact the Faculty Office or drop in and see us at Level 1, Ingkarni Wardli.

  • Need a Course Advisor?

    Course advisors are available in the specified School Office for students who require specific course information, academic counselling and career advice.

    Please see your School Office to make an appointment.

    Your School Office can also help you with:

    • teaching material
    • tutoring
    • class information
    • class attendance
    • assessment.
  • Need IT Support?

    Teaching suites, CAT suites and printing facilities are located on the basement level, ground floor and Level 2 of Ingkarni Wardli. These facilities are available to ECMS students only.

    24/7 access to the Ingkarni Wardli building and computer suites is available to ECMS students only. Please arrange access through your School Office

    IT Help Desk

    The Ingkarni Wardli IT Help Desk is located on Level 2. If unattended, please call 8313 3000 or seek help on level 3 of Hub Central.

  • Degree Transfer Advice

    Drop in - don't drop out! Not all students graduate from the program in which they first enrol. A change of career goals or finding a degree that better matches these, may lead you to seek a transfer. Other students may have a second try at getting into a program that they missed out on first time round.

    If you find that you are unhappy with your degree choice, the University of Adelaide provides an opportunity to apply to change to a more suitable degree via an internal transfer. This is a competitive process and relies on you meeting the prerequisites of your preferred degree and maintaining a competitive Grade Point Average (GPA). Transferring to a different degree may involve making up courses that have been missed.

    Please contact the Faculty Office for advice regarding transfer applications or speak to an advisor at Transfer Advice Day.

  • University Support Services

    With the excitement of university life comes the challenge of managing its demands - academically, socially and personally. The University delivers a wealth of student support services including a counselling service, a health service, an accommodation service, a learning and disability service, the Maths Learning Centre, the English Language Centre, childcare centres, an employment service, security services and academic support.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Ask Adelaide provides a wealth of information on a wide range of topics.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

For further assistance, contact the Faculty Office or drop in and see us at
Level 1, Ingkarni Wardli or explore our Student Support page.

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