Dean's Research Seminar Series: People who change the world

The Dean's Research Seminar Series establishes ECMS as a thought leader in research and innovation for industrial transformation.

The series will give you the opportunity to hear from research and industry leaders who are recognised for their motivational leadership and expertise in engineering, computer and mathematical sciences, and architecture topics. We have speakers from such industries as space engineering, health and medical science advancements, sustainable built environments, agri-sciences and artificial intelligence.

At our events, you will also have the chance to network with ECMS researchers, industry and academic front-runners.

New thinking. Big ideas. Industry-research collaborations.

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Seminar Series 2020

Cancelled: Bridging the gap between research and production for machine learning

Addressing the challenges organisations face to productionize research, with special guest speaker and bestselling author, Chip Huyen.

Day: Wednesday, 1 April 2020
Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm
Location: Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre, North Terrace Campus


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Cancelled May 2020

21 May: Associate Professor Gert Kootstra, Wageningen University. Gert is working on the application of machine vision, machine learning and robotics in areas such as plant and animal phenotyping, harvesting, weed management and post-harvest processing.

August 2020

27 August: Professor Mark Kendall, Founder & CEO WearOptimo, Entrepreneurial Professor, The Australian National University (ANU). Mark is a biomedical engineer who has enabled delivery of immunotherapeutics without needle and is an expert in technology transfer from concept to commercialisation.

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November 2020

19 November: Professor Michael Rosemann, Applied IT Researcher at UQ. Michael is the creator of rapid redesign methodology to implement new business processes. His research interests include revenue resilience, business process management, trust management and innovation systems.

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Past series

  • 2019

    Improving life on earth in space

    The microgravity environment is a new frontier for discovery and innovation. Learn how science in space will affect life on Earth, with Jana Stoudemire, Director of Commercial Innovation at Space Tango, Kentucky U.S.A.

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