Mining resources beyond Earth – Fact versus Fantasy

Key discussion topics

A panel of experts with experience working at NASA and across the terrestrial resources, space and academic sectors will paint the picture of the mining in space activities currently underway.

You will hear about the significant commercial and academic opportunities available to South Australian companies and individuals.

An introduction to Beyond Earth Resources Pty Ltd will be provided, along with an update on progress achieved over the last 3 years and the plans for the future.

Introduction by Prof. Michael Goodsite, University of Adelaide and Mr. Steve Green, CEO of Beyond Earth Resources.

Keynote speakers

Dr Robert Moses, PhD
A rocket scientist and aerospace technologist, Robert has worked at NASA since 1989. He has worked on projects such as hardware development for shuttle missions, docking an Orion on the International Space Station and technology development for crewed missions to Mars.

Mr Kirby Ikin
Managing Director of Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants and Chairman of the Board of the National Space Society headquartered in Washington DC, having succeeded Apollo XI astronaut Buzz Aldrin in the role. Kirby was also the Founding Chairman for the first sixteen years of the organisation now known as the Space Industry Association of Australia.

Mr Mark Sonter
A globally recognised expert of in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU), having completed his Masters on the topic in 1974. Mark has founded an ISRU Silicon Valley start-up and is one of the founders of Beyond Earth Resources Pty Ltd. He has over four decades of practical experience in terrestrial mining.

Prof. Dr. Volker Hessel
Started research in space medicine and chemical processing for space resource utilisation using flow chemistry, commonly believed as crucial for space manufacturing, and its economic scouting. Member of ACS-supported Space Chemistry Group and Authority in the 35-man Parliament Enquete Commission "Future of the Chemical Industry" in Germany. Multiple awards for crossing boundaries, showing up of 'novel process windows', some of which became new business windows. Deputy Dean (Research) and Professor at the University of Adelaide.


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