Be Your Future – Department of Defence Science and Technology

The Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS) are very excited to welcome Dr Joanne Harrison, Lisa Stevens and Broderick Matthews from the Department of Defence Science and Technology (DST) to present the potential opportunities, employments and collaborations with DST.

At this session, you will discover opportunities to work with Australia’s most innovative scientists, engineers and IT specialists. DST work closely with industry, universities and the scientific community to enhance our combined ability to support Australia’s defence and national security capabilities.

The presenters include Lisa Stevens and Broderick Matthews, Cadetship Program Manager and Assistant Director STEM Programs respectively, who work to bring in future talent through DST’s Talent Pipeline. Also presenting will be Dr Joanne Harrison, A/Discipline Leader, ASW Sensors Maritime Division, Sonar Technology & Systems, who joined DST Group in January of 2011, and since then has been working in the advanced undersea sensors lab where she works on both the practical and the fundamental aspects of fibre laser sensing.

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