2019 Mahler lecture by Holly Krieger on the Mandelbrot fractal

Holly Krieger

Dr Holly Krieger from the University of Cambridge will give the 2019 Mahler lecture in mathematics, "A tour of the Mandelbrot set". 

Everyone with a healthy interest in mathematics is cordially invited to come and learn from this outstanding expositor.

The Mahler lecture is sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Society and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. Mahler lecturers are in the world-wide top of their fields, and exceptional presenters. They are invited to tour Australia for several months, speaking at many major universities in the country.

This year's Mahler lecturer, Dr. Holly Krieger from the University of Cambridge, will give us "A tour of the Mandelbrot set". In Holly's words:

"The beautiful and complicated Mandelbrot set has captivated mathematicians since the first computer images of the set were drawn in the 1970s and 1980s. In this talk we'll take a walk around the infinite intricacies of the Mandelbrot set, exploring the spirals, finding Fibonacci, and answering the question every maths student wonders when they first meet the Mandelbrot set: why do we care about this pretty picture?"

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