Heat and Habitat in Cities 2 Day Symposium

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H2CS - Heat and Habitat in Cities Symposium, hosted by the School of Architecture and Built Environment, will bring international and national experts, policy makers, planners, designers and researchers to exchange knowledge, experience and expertise and to discuss and debate concrete ideas for planning, designing, developing and improving our cities.

Adelaide - and cities around the world - are facing similar challenges: increasing population density, reduced open spaces, increasing urban heat, increasing need for cooling to combat with the heat, and urban pollution, to name a few.

With warming climates and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns, dealing with these challenges correctly has become even more critical. Cities need to be better managed and new developments need to be better planned and designed to be more resilient to future changes.

We are delighted to announce our national and international speakers for the H2CS - Heat and Habitat in Cities Symposium.

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This event boasts a packed two-day programme full of international and national presenters, with many opportunities for panel discussions and networking.

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