The Future of Innovation and Commercialisation in South Australia

Hear from three South Australian industry leaders as they share their personal journeys in becoming successful entrepreneurs, and their insights in to the future of South Australia’s innovation and commercialisation.

Brought to you as part of Ingenuity 2020, you are invited, as current students, staff and alumni of the University of Adelaide to this unique event. 


Michelle Perugini

Dr Michelle Perugini

Co-Founder and CEO at Presagen and Life Whisperer

Michelle is an expert in health, medical research (stem-cell biology and genetics), AI and has a PhD in Medicine. She has significant experience in commercializing advanced AI technology, boasting a successful exit of advanced AI predictive analytics firm ISD Analytics to Ernst & Young in 2015.

David Rohrsheim

David Rohrsheim

Portfolio Manager, South Australian Venture Capital Fund

David was previously the General Manager, Uber (Australia & NZ) and opened Uber’s operations in Australia in 2012. David gained startup experience as the 6th employee of Strategic Data Management, ranked in 2002 as the tenth fastest growing company in Australia (acquired by ASX:DWS).

Grant Tinney

Grant Tinney

Chairman of Precise Advanced Manufacturing Group (PAMG)

Grant is responsible for providing guidance to the management and shareholders to one of Australia's premium, vertically integrated group of Advanced Manufacturing Businesses. The company's real competitive advantage lies in its ability to assist clients take their concept through to a final product for sale.


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