CCUSA webinar: Working internationally in the current global travel climate


We may be in a global pandemic but Camp Counselor USA's Programs are still running! 

If you’re prepared to travel and enhance your career opportunities internationally, tune in to this webinar hosted by CCUSA Program Advisor Kayla Kingston, to discover how to put a plan in action and be supported in your journey.

During this session, you can expect to:

  • Learn about working, interning and training overseas.
  • Discover opportunities that are currently available to students and eligibility.
  • Hear what changes have occurred in the work environment especially in places like the USA and Canada since COVID-19 hit.
  • Learn why international work experience on your resume is so important in a career
  • How working overseas is more than just a holiday.

About CCUSA Australia

CCUSA is Australia’s top summer camp and international work adventure specialist, so you will be in the BEST hands when working and traveling abroad! 

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