Artificial Intelligence in Health: Separating Fact from Fiction

Artificial intelligence is on the rise, and its potential for real world impact, particularly in health care, is palpable.

Health Matters: Artificial Intelligence

We’ve curated an esteemed panel of doctors, scientists, and health leaders to explore the future of modern health care, the rise of the machine, and fact versus fiction when it comes to artificial intelligence.

Join us for what’s set to be another fascinating Health Matters public lecture. 

This event will also be livestreamed via YouTube where you can get involved with the Q&A by logging in with your Google account.

Expert panel

Join our esteemed panel as we discover the future of modern health care, explore the rise of the machine and dispute fact from fiction.

Hear from:

  • Dr Toby Gilbert, Artificial intelligence in clinical practice
  • Professor Rajvinder Singh, Artificial intelligence in GI: rise of the machine
  • Professor Gustavo CarneiroArtificial intelligence in medicine
  • Ms Tina Hardin, Artificial intelligence and health data
  • Dr Terry Sweeney, Artificial intelligence and digi-health.
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