Top100 Future Leader Competition: Information session

The Top100 Future Leaders competition is a unique competition just for students like you.

GC Top 100 Awards

At this information session you'll learn about the competition and how to ace it for yourself! Hear insider tips from past finalists and judges. You'll be in the perfect spot to apply later this year and ensure that your application is competitive and give you a shot at being a Top100 Future Leader!

Learn about:

  • How the Top100 works
  • The different stages and how you can ace each one of them
  • How judges assess your application
  • Tips from finalists who have been there before and used Top100 as a launching pad for their career!

No matter what discipline you are studying, you are eligible to apply. From Law to Accounting to Engineering and more (including an Innovation Award for all disciplines!) - there is something for everyone!

Our presenter:

  • Susan Hervey, Director of Career Services and Top 100 Assessor who has helped teams such as Deloitte, Westpac and AECOM decide on their winners in previous years.

Please bring your Student ID card to be scanned at entry.

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