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IPAS Optics & Photonics Showcase + pizza!

Please join us for an evening celebrating the great work being undertaken in this field at the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing (IPAS). Even if you don’t think optics and photonics is for you, please come along – you may be surprised! In any case we promise you will be inspired, have fun and be fed.

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STEM Industry Internship Information Session

You should attend this information session if you are interested in completing an internship as preference may be given to students who have attended these sessions.

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October Sundowner – Water & Space presented by the Australian Water Association SA

The Young Water Professionals of the SA AWA Branch are delighted to invite you to their last 2021 SA Sundowner Series to hear from Matt Lama about Water and Space. In this talk, we'll discuss the role that space can play in the conservation of our precious resource and what the future might look like as a result.

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Workshop: Data Manipulation and Visualisation in R

R is quickly gaining popularity as a programming language for statisticians, data scientists and researchers. It has an excellent ecosystem including the powerful RStudio and the Shiny web application framework. In this workshop, you will learn how to manipulate, explore and get insights from your data as well as how to convert your data from one format to another.

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Ingenuity 2021

Ingenuity is an interactive showcase of university student projects exploring real-life applications of architecture, engineering, computer and mathematical sciences. This year, SA's largest technology expo will be brought to you both face-to-face and virtually, letting you choose how you wish to explore this year's 300+ student projects! 

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