Coronavirus: How chemical engineers could apply technology to battle 2019-nCoV

Since 2003 the world has faced three (3) outbreaks caused by coronaviruses (CoV) — Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and the current outbreak caused by 2019-nCoV.

Scientists are already racing to develop a vaccine for 2019-nCoV, that is technically possible, but still may not come in time to help during this outbreak.

In this presentation, potential engineering solutions for a safe vaccine development will be discussed to emphasis what chemical engineers could contribute to the fast vaccine development.

About the speaker

A/Prof Jingxiu Bi

A/Prof Jingxiu Bi has > 20 years’ experience in research, teaching and biopharmaceutical industrial consulting in the field of bioprocess design and optimization for biopharmaceutical product process development, both fundamental and applied research.

She has contributed to technology transformation for Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Vaccine to prevent Hepatitis B Virus infection. Her research is now focussed on engineered protein-based vaccine developments. She has 80 publications and 6 patents.

A/Prof Jingxiu Bi graduated as PhD from Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1999 before she joined the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research, Germany, and later Birmingham University, UK. She is employed by the School of Chemical Engineering & Advanced Materials, The University of Adelaide, Australia.

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