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Alternative Pathways to Engineering

Do you have an ATAR of 70 or above?

Did you successfully complete Mathematical Methods* or equivalent?

Our new Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Engineering Pathway offers a new way into engineering at Adelaide.

This program allows you to enter into engineering at Adelaide through a specially designed pathway program. Catch up on any prerequisite requirements including:

  • Specialist mathematics 
  • Physics
  • Chemistry 

Then transfer into the Bachelor of Engineering program of your choice.

Want to know more? Visit Degree Finder for more information on the engineering pathway.

Need to catch up on Mathematical Methods?*

If you have not successfully completed SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods* or equivalent but wish to study a degree that requires it as a prerequisite, the Maths Learning Centre offers a self-paced bridging courses that could help you.

MathsTrack covers the content in the SACE Stage 2 subject Mathematical Methods*.

This course is self-paced, which means you access the resources yourself when you are ready - so you can start at any time and take as long as you need.

* If Stage 2 studies were undertaken prior to 2017, the equivalent subject was known as Mathematical Studies.


All engineering pathway students will receive support in choosing courses to ensure they transition successfully into their chosen engineering field.

First year maths help

We offer help to first year maths students as a drop-in service every weekday 10am-4pm. Tutors will be available during these times to answer your questions and provide guidance at no cost to the students.

Maths Learning Centre

Our Maths Learning Centre exists to help all students at all year levels at the University of Adelaide succeed in learning and using maths relating to their coursework.

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