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ARC Research Hub for Graphene
Enabled Industry Transformation

The ARC Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation is a research and development program co-funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) awarded to support commercialization of graphene research in partnership between Universities and the industry partners.



The aim of the Hub research program is to provide leading knowledge, research and development capabilities and critical services to assist Industry partners to commercialise graphene research.

Our work impacts Advanced Manufacturing, Food and Agribusiness, Oil, Gas and Energy Resources, Mining Equipment, and Medical Technologies. The Hub objectives are aligned with the Australian Government's Science and Research Priorities and the priorities of the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Program and respective Industry Growth Centres (IGC).

To be a world-leader in translation and commercialisation of graphene research and developments that will deliver new research discoveries, innovative technologies, new products and devices to Industry partners and impact Industry transformation and drive growth across broad industries to improve our life and contribute our society.

Our values

our values

Our mission
  • To consistently deliver knowledge and innovations to our partners to achieve graphene enabled commercialisation of new products, devices and technologies for their business growth and development.
  • Create new technologies and businesses to promote industry transformation using from graphene and 2 dimensional (2D) materials
  • Provide clear focal points to exploit graphene based advantages for Australia’s mining and manufacturing industries from Australia’s abundance of graphite resources


History and funding
The ARC Graphene Hub led by the University of Adelaide, is co-funded by ARC ($2.6M), 4 Universities ($0.75M) and 6 founding industry partners ($2.3M).  There is also a growing number of "associate" industry partners involved in our graphene research under different investment programs. The Graphene Hub was established under the leadership of Professor Dusan Losic at the School of Chemical Engineering. He commenced graphene research in 2013 with significant support by two South Australian graphite production and exploration companies, Valence Industries and Archer Exploration. This  research team generated 5 patents, developed 7 technologies including 2 for scalable graphene production and  >20 graphene based products and devices that attracted several industry partners.

In 2016, The University of Adelaide invested $1m in a new 100m2 graphene research lab.

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ARC Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation

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The University of Adelaide


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