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Technology Licensing

Graphene Hub researchers across 4 Universities  placed significant IP portfolio including development >20 graphene based products, >5 devices and >10 technologies protected by >10 patents that are available  for further development and commercialization to Hub Industry partners and collaborators.

Licensed technology to industry partners

  • Graphene  production process
  • Graphene fire-retardants
  • Graphene conductive coatings
  • Adsorbent from removal oil from water (in progress)
  • Sound absobers (in progress)

Technologies available for licensing and commercialization

  • Graphene production technology
  • Chemo-resistive sensors for TOC and gases
  • Mechanical sensors
  • Micro antenas
  • Plasma modification and graphene coatings
  • Antibacterial coatings
  • Anti-corrosive protective coatings
  • Carriers for nutrients delivery

ARC Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation

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The University of Adelaide


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