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Node 1: Fundamental Challenges

Key objectives:

  • To address the most critical barriers that industry faces regarding use of graphene to enable transformation of the respective industry sectors.
  • To develop required expertise and address specific research questions related to research projects for Industry partners in Node 2.
  • To improve existing fundamental knowledge about graphene material, its properties, modifications, stability, toxicity etc. that are related to practical applications of graphene.

Expected outcomes:

To address most critical fundamental challenges related for development projects in Node 2 that will directly contribute and support their realization and translation into real applications

Research projects

Project 1.1: Fundamental studies on graphene scalability, properties, functionalization, and composites 

Project leaders: A/Prof Mainak Majumder, Monash and Prof Namita  Choudhury,  UoA

Involved Researchers and Partners: all

Key objectives and research questions:

  • Improving scalability of graphene production and their barriers
  • Optimization of graphene production rate, yield, quality and sustainability
  • Better understanding of specific properties of graphene based materials and their tuning
  • Development of new methods for functionalization and processing of graphene materials
  • Better understanding of mixing graphene materials with polymer and properties of composites

Project 1.2: Graphene quality standards/quality control

Project leader: Prof Dusan Losic, UoA

Involved researchers and partners: all

Key objectives and research questions:

  • to be actively involved in international and national standardization process on graphene
  • to establish the quality control criteria and required characterization methods for different graphene materials (bulk and spot analysis)
  • top provide quality control assessments of graphene products for industry partners for different projects
  • to develop new simplified,  fast  and low-cost method for characterization of graphene products (bulk)
  • to be involved in to national and international laboratory comparisons for graphene quality control and standards

Project 1.3: Environmental and health risks

Project leader: Prof Mike McLaughlin, UoA

Involved researchers and partners: all

Key objectives and research questions:

  • To determine environmental impact of graphene materials to aquatic organisms (algae, invertebrates and fish)
  • To determine degradation/accumulation of graphene materials in water environment
  • To determine degradation/accumulation of graphene materials in soil environment
  • To determine toxicity of graphene materials with different properties on human cells (optional)
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