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Node 2: Graphene Products /Technology Development /Translation

Key objectives:

To develop series of  graphene products,  graphene production and application technologies and at lab and pilot scale selected by industry partners  as most significant to make transformation impact and commercialization success. Selected developments include that are organized into four themes and 11 research projects;

  • Development of technologies for scalable production of graphene
  • Development of series research grade graphene products with highest quality
  • Development of graphene based  3-d composites for removal heavy metails
  • Development of graphene based  3-d composites for soil remediation’s
  • Development of series of functional graphene based coatings (conductive, fire-resistive etc.)
  • Development of graphene based composites for specific applications
  • Development of graphene based antennas and EMI shielding
  • Development of Integrated biosensing devices, electronic and communication components into one system to monitor health conditions

Node 2 themes

2.1 Graphene products and technologies development

2.2 Graphene composites for environmental applications

2.3 Graphene composites for emerging applications

2.4 Graphene assistive technology for biomedical applications

Node 2: research projects

Node leader: Prof Stan Skafidas, University of Melbourne

node 2

Project leaders

  • Prof Dusan Losic, University of Adelaide
  • A/Prof Mainak Majumder, Monash University
  • Prof Stan Skafidas, University of Melbourne
  • Prof Mike McLaughlin, University of Adelaide
  • Prof Namita Namita Choudhury, University of Adelaide
  • A/Prof Jun Ma, University of South Australia
  • Prof Christophe Fumeaux, University of Australia

ARC Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation

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T: +61 8 8313 4646

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