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Lab Scale Graphene Production/Processing Capabilities

Graphene Hub has lab scale graphene and processing capabilities with capacity of 5-10 kg pristine graphene production  per months  that is available for Hub program, industry partners and collaborators.

Research grade pristine graphene and graphene oxide

In collaboration with the Hub industry partners we offer a broad range of research grade graphene products with certified quality tested by SEM, TEM, AFM, Raman, TGA, PSD etc. Graphene with single to few layers quality with different size of sheets are available in powder and solution forms. Custom made graphene products with desireded functionalities and sizes are can be produced on request.

Research grade pristine graphene (powder)

High quality of research grade pristine graphene produced by our uniqe fabrication process with different size of graphene sheeets (1-50um) is available in powder form and kg quantities.

Graphene dispersion (water or solvent)

High quality of research grade pristine graphene dispersed in water and solvent is available in powder

Graphene oxide (water dispersion)

High quality of research grade graphene oxide produced by modiffied Hummers and our fabrication process with different size of graphene sheeets (0.1-20um) and few layers thickness is available

Graphene inks

High conductivity graphene inns formulated using pristine graphene are available specifically developed for conductive coatings and 2D printing are available

Graphene and graphene oxide nanodots

Graphene and graphene nanodots from 5nm to 50nm are available for sensing, imaging and drug delivery applications.

ARC Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation

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The University of Adelaide


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