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Incorrect ergonomics at one's work area can lead to long-term injuries. It is important that you ensure you are comfortable at your desk, and seek assistance if you have any ergonomic concerns.

Ergonomics Self-Help Guides

The following guides will help you to quickly assess the layout of your work area. Some simple adjustments may make a big difference:

Specialised Equipment (e.g. sit/stand workstations)

The Faculty can provide equipment to help make you comfortable at work and typically has access to a range of keyboards, mice and a few different styles of typical office chairs. To be fair to all staff, however, we require a certificate from a certified medical practitioner (doctor, physiotherapist or similar) where the solution will require specialised equipment such as sit/stand workstations or one-off chairs. Please contact the HSW team if you have any questions or need additional advice.

Ergonomics Assessments

If you find you are still uncomfortable after reviewing the above information, please contact the HSW team for an individual ergonomics assessment.

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