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School Groups

Ingenuity 2017 showcased the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences' seven schools across nine cross-disciplinary themes:

Defence and Security | Energy | Health | Innovation and Research | Resources | Smart Systems and Technologies | Society and Environment | Structure and Infrastructure | Sustainability

These themes demonstrate the relationship between areas of engineering, computer science and mathematics in a real-world context and were selected based on their relevance and impact on our world.

Engineering, computer and mathematical sciences graduates are equipped with broad and transferable skills that can be applied across all industries and many occupations.

At Ingenuity 2017, students can explore these areas of interest and experience the surprising technological solutions our students designed and built within the themed areas.

High Schools

Ingenuity is a unique opportunity for high school students to engage with university students, share in their experiences, and learn more about studying engineering, computer and mathematical sciences at the University of Adelaide.

Through a range of interactive activities at the exhibition, Ingenuity exposes school students to the variety of career opportunities available across many exciting technology-related fields.


Primary Schools

Ingenuity is a unique excursion opportunity that introduces young students to the different disciplines within engineering, computer science and mathematics, and explores the ways in which they help to solve problems using mathematics, science, creativity and teamwork.

Primary schools are encouraged to bring students in years 5-7 and allow up to two hours as the recommended time for the excursion.