360° Mecanum Drive Camera Dolly

This project aims to build a 360-degree camera robot/dolly to create an immersive VR 'learning environment and experience video' for educational and other purposes.

In this project, we have assigned different tasks to researched on wireless control of the Omni-directional movement of the robot and the adjustable telescopic mast which holds the 360-degree camera on a gimbal. The robot and telescopic mast are controlled by radio signal and obstacles avoidance module is designed and implemented in the system.

A prototype is built for testing and research before building the final product for the exhibition. The obstacle avoidance and movement control system should be tested thoroughly to identify any potential problems and risks which will be solved. Overall, this allows the team to present a better final product and allows the users to have an unforgettable experience.

Transforming technologies


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Chang Zing Chai
Silin Wang
Yuhao Zhang
Zeyu Zhang

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