A 'HEAD' of the concussion game

This project, sponsored by Vector Technologies, aims to develop an intelligent headgear device to support the detection and diagnosis of concussions in athletes as they occur.

A series of biometric sensors that capture, transmit and record impact data in real time are integrated into a custom-built fabric head piece. The integrated electronics are controlled using an onboard processor all of which is contained within a 3D printed case. 

The data generated by the device is tabulated against a given set of Head Injury Criteria and the results are displayed in graphical format on a smartphone application. Access to real-time data will assist medical professionals in making an informed decision about the welfare of a sports person that has experienced an impact. The project has successfully addressed a pressing health and medical issue while creating a viable product with substantial commercial potential.

Healthy society


Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Joshua Allen
Zacharia Ferguson
Micheal Pearce
Jordan Parker

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