Acoustic sentinel for conservation

Mining resource companies often need to demonstrate compliance with environmental legislation by ensuring their activities do not significantly affect protected native animal species.

Detecting endangered species that occur at low density in remote areas, and which produce calls in ultrasound can be challenging. 

We aimed to build a customised and highly flexible device from low-cost consumer electronics that could record ultrasonic biological signals, process bulk acoustic recordings on-board, and send a notification to an investigator upon target detection via the mobile phone network. A further constraint was long-term unattended deployment. 

We developed a working prototype meeting the design constraints using the Balena Fin. We evaluated several alternative operating system deployment structures that allow efficient management of software via cloud-based remote operation.Our prototype represents a global first for a low cost, long-deployment biological sentinel system that can process bulk data on-board.

Transforming technologies


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Karthik Allipur
Ganesh Methra

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