Are renewable nanogrids the future?

Nowadays, centralised power stations are the dominant supply for household level and commercial applications.

However, it faces problems related to fossil fuel consumption, power transmission efficiency and unreliable power supply to consumers. The aims for this project were to establish embedded small-scale power supplies for household applications by using renewable energy such as solar and wind to supply more electrical power with higher efficiency, more environmental-sustainable and reliable power supply. We investigated this problem through performing real-world sunlight testing to understand solar panel maximum power point theory and simulating the wind turbine power output by using a motor driver. The subsequent problem is to comprehend the operational principles of the controllers and synchronise the solar and wind power to charge batteries in a stable continuous status. We present the integral system operation mode, and demonstrate the system output power and efficiency through the solar and wind controller.

Future energy and resources


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Shuting Dai
Wassim Saad
Dehong Wang

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