Automated OS Patch Testing Solution

Ensuring patch safety and integrity is an essential part of each organisation and their security.

Installing new patches carries a large risk, as possible vulnerabilities can result in numerous adverse effects. Testing for these vulnerabilities can be quite expensive and time consuming and hence an automated and thorough solution is required. 

At our booth, we will be displaying our solution to this issue: an automated operating system level patch testing framework. Our solution utilises virtualisation to create isolated environments for effective testing, as well as the power of operating system commands and scripts to enable complete automation of the patching and testing process. 

We identify vulnerabilities such as network faults, critical system errors and decreases in performance to ensure that the effects of the patch are as transparent as possible. Overall, our automated patch testing solution should help alleviate the costs and resources associated with an organisation’s system’s security.

Securing our future


Computer Science

Luyang Wang
Brett Shelley
Malik Sabateen

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