Autonomous UAVs for target pursuit

Aerial target pursuit is becoming increasingly important for defence industries as new technologies allow aerial systems to be readily available to unlawful persons.

The demand for a system that can autonomously pursue a target has never been more sought after. 

This project aimed to produce a system capable of autonomously identifying and pursuing a target⁠, utilising quadrotor drones. Initially accomplished by using a PC to wirelessly control a DJI Tello drone through programming software Python, algorithms and codes were developed to identify a target using the drone’s onboard camera and control the drone to pursue the target. 

Limitations in testing results meant we moved to more advanced hardware⁠, capable of using the algorithms and codes onboard the drone without the controlling PC. Tests showed the drone was capable of autonomously pursuing a target and showed our work can be used across different drones⁠— meaning potential for development in defence industries.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Nicholas Blieschke
Qiang Li
Kurt Rademacher

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