'Bad' power indicator

With increasing power demands among consumers, stability of power delivered is necessary to ensure the electrical equipment is working reliably.

To prevent instability of power system issues from unforeseen events, early indication of Rate of Change of Frequency is necessary. This project is aimed to create a Rate of Change of Frequency indicator by using a micro-controller for providing computational power and analog Phase-Locked Loop circuit which acts as comparison circuit. Phase-Locked Loop circuit is a comparator circuit which is used to compare two signals from power outlets and reference frequency inside the circuit. The micro-controller provides data processing power to measure and estimate the Rate of Change of Frequency from output of the Phase-Locked Loop circuit. The micro-controller has the capability to provide early warning signs of possible issues in the power system. This may help engineers to prevent power systems from collapsing which could cause a blackout.

Future energy and resources


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Sian Chen
Hafiz Syahmi Hanizar
Muhammad Rosdi

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