Beam-steerable parasitic antennas

With fifth generation mobile telecommunication networks currently rolling out around the world, including networks which are live and accessible by consumers in Australia, the prospect of an Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer a pipedream – it is a reality.

Through the development of novel antenna designs, alternative technologies are being developed to better suit IoT applications. 

A key focus of this development has been on steerable parasitic array antennas, due to their ability to provide beam steering capabilities at reduced cost and complexity compared to alternative systems. Our project has investigated the application of mechanical actuators on the steering of such antennas through the fabrication of two novel designs, differing in their steering implementations. Through their examination, the basis for an antenna with a greater degree of simplicity and efficiency can be proposed in order to better fulfil the requirements demanded by the IoT and 5G network.

Transforming technologies


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Jarryd Hawes
Jacob McCarthy

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