Biochar - black gold for the future

Agriculture waste overloading has been a concerning issue all over the world, including Australia.

The most efficient way to treat this problem is to convert the waste into biochar, an organic-based material. Biochar is theoretically expected to enhance the soil quality and crop performance. This project aims to prove the authenticity of that theory via experiments on tomato plants.

This experiment includes two phases: planting and analysis. The first phase concentrated on the tomato growth with different ratios of biochar applying in soil, then the second phase focused on the analysis of soil, plant and biochar properties.

There is a positive result on the quality of the soil and plant after being treated with biochar. This shows that biochar is a potential opportunity in reducing agricultural waste as well as improving crop performance.

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Ngoc Le Thanh Bao
Giang Nguyen Truong

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