Biodigestion testing facility

Anaerobic digestion is a naturally occurring process through which a complex microbial ecosystem breaks down organic material in the absence of oxygen, producing a methane-rich gas that can be burnt, and a stabilised waste.

When harnessed in engineered digesters the products of this process offer significant economic, environmental and social benefits. However, while anaerobic digestion processes have had high adoption rates over previous years there remains a lack of understanding of smaller-scale systems and the parameters that affect them.

Building upon preliminary work in 2018, the current project has constructed and commissioned a smaller scale, leach-bed type digester testing facility at the Roseworthy campus. Together with the standard operating procedure developed, the facility will be used by researchers to assess a range of digester conditions, filling the void in understanding, allowing for further implementation of small-scale systems and greater access to the many benefits of anaerobic digestion.

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Jeremy Krieg

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