Biomass treatment revolution

The world is in dire need of solutions regarding agricultural aid and carbon capture and storage.

Waste and purpose-grown biomass treatment has the potential to solve many of these impending global issues. The Australian wine industry alone produces 200,000 tonnes of waste grape marc biomass per annum. Hydrothermal carbonisation (HTC) is an emerging technology that can treat biomass to create useful products for agricultural aid.

The end goal of this project is to develop a process in which industry can utilise their waste biomass as feedstock and produce useful products to alleviate use of synthetic fertiliser and enhance circular processes in a world that desperately requires it. Three biomass (grape marc, macroalgae and seedpod) have been treated by HTC and their products integrated into a soilless environment to grow dwarf beans. These results have been analysed to assess the viability of utilising HTC products to aid plant growth.

Healthy society


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Timothy Jing Lai
Yu Tao Pang

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