Burners of the future

Since the world is now striving towards sustainability, hydrogen from renewable sources is an attractive option to replace natural gas as fuel for domestic appliances.

Hydrogen emerges as the main option due to its carbon-free properties which, when combusted, will only release water vapour. The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming through decarbonisation of the current fossil fuel network by designing a multi-fuel burner that can be operated with different type of gaseous fuels - in particular, natural gas and hydrogen.

Explicit calculations were done to verify the feasibility of hydrogen as fuel, and innovative designs have been developed to ease the transition of natural gas to hydrogen as a future energy source. Several burner designs that are capable of operating with different types of gaseous fuels are presented, and the designs offer a smooth switchover instead of replacing the whole appliance.

Future energy and resources


Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Aina Nadia Jamal Abd Nasir
Nurulain Akmal Mat Jusoh
Intan Suraya Salehuddin

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