Can an eco bin be smart?

Can a bin influence people's behaviour?

The high growth rate of municipal solid waste (MSW) has led to severe landfill problems in Australia. The landfill problems can be attributed to negative behaviours around waste and recycling. These landfills have been mixed with a large amount of recyclable waste which have not been characterised effectively. The smart bin system is intended to rectify the current landfill and environmental issues through modern technologies.

Developing a sustainable waste management system can be a long-term solution in treating the landfill issue. The smart bin system utilises a deep learning model and real-time monitoring system to achieve rubbish category recognition, which is used to detect properties of the trash and to collect waste data. The system was thoroughly tested through experiments in the trash bins of hub central in the university campus.

Transforming technologies


Mechanical Engineering

Lok Chan
Wing Leong Law
Hon Chun Wai
Fang Zhao

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