Can augmented reality rescue you?

In emergency and disaster management, it is critical for incident commanders to have detailed knowledge of the scenario.

Imagine having to keep track of an entire emergency rescue team without real-time locations, tasking of team members and updates of objectives and changing environments. The augmented reality tactical tracking system (ARTTS) project aims to improve situational awareness for an incident commander by superimposing 3D graphics onto the real environment. 

We investigated the needs of an incident commander and researched augmented reality systems including current emergency-specific applications. Utilising this information, we implemented an augmented reality tracking system using real-time data that satisfies the requirements. By viewing the emergency environment through the ARTTS application, incident commanders can know their rescue team’s live GPS locations, status and mission objectives.

Securing our future


Computer Science

Stephen Guerin
Mandar Mulye
Andrew Memma

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