CAN bus hacking: phase 2

You are stopped by the police and issued a fine for speeding.

"What? Officer, I swear I was going the correct speed!”

Little did you know, your car was hacked by a hidden device that sent malicious messages onto your car's CAN bus. The CAN bus is a communication network standard used widely within the car industry that allows the different systems within your car to communicate with each other, but it was not designed with security in mind. Attacks on the network can cause the car’s speedometer to misread or increase the odometer rate, which can result in fines or reduce the car’s value, respectively. 

Focusing on these types of deceptive attacks, the project team developed algorithms and hardware architecture that can demonstrate these attacks to better understand them and highlight the security issues of the ageing technology used within our cars.

Securing our future


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Stefan Smiljanic
Charlie Tran

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