Can farm waste replace wood smoking?

The production of liquid smoke is rising to satisfy the wide demand of the global market and to replace traditional smoking.

Wheat straw and potato peel have been chosen to study the potential of replacing wood as a feedstock for the production of liquid smoke.

The aim of the project is to understand the influence of each type of feedstock used in the experiment and the condition of pyrolysis process on the quality of product from this process and compare it with the commercial one to determine its quality.

A small amount of chosen feedstock is put into a reactor, which is then undergoing the pyrolysis process inside a furnace under certain conditions and the smokes coming out of the reactor will be then condensed in a series of cold gas washing bottles.

The result of this project may aid reducing the excessive amount of agricultural waste in South Australia.

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Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

Yuchuan Goh
Khang Hoang Nguyen

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